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08 April 2019Power, Politics and a Country Church
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14 October 2019Inspired by Stonehenge
11 November 2019The Artist out of Doors: From Claude to Monet
09 December 2019'Are you sitting comfortably?' - The History of the Chair

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Power, Politics and a Country Church Jonathan Meyer Monday 08 April 2019

An account of how the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk created a chantry trust with the blessing of the King Henry VI. It will look at the way in which they reordered an Oxfordshire church and modelled it on the Suffolk church of Wingfield, built a school and almshouses and an extraordinary palace, favoured by Henry VII and Henry VIII. The lecture will look at them in a historical context and in particular how they sought favour, power and influence. It will discuss the wonderful late medieval alabaster tomb of Alice with its rare cadaver figure, thought by many to be the best example of its kind in Europe. 


Jonathan graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Theology, and has worked for Bonhams, Sotheby's and the Fine Art Auction Group; also headed up the 19th Century Furniture Department for Sotheby's in Europe. Has lectured in America, Singapore and Taiwan and written numerous articles, including contributions to British Furniture 1600-2000 (2005), and published Great Exhibitions: London, New York, Paris and Philadelphia, 1851-1900 (2006). He is a fellow and past chairman of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Fine Arts and Antiques Faculty. He now runs his own valuation and consultancy business and also works part time as a priest in the Anglican Church.